At Light and Healthy, we provide you with Chinese Cupping therapy through the hands of a professional. Cupping is widely known as a technique that involves placing glass cups on your body’s surface. This process of therapy is done by creating a vacuum within the cup after it’s placed on your body. Chinese cupping is popularly known to be a dependable and super effective way to naturally reduce muscle and joint pain and toughness, without incorporating any negative effects of medicines or surgical procedures.

Chinese Cupping therapy delivers you certain immediate benefits, which includes, promoting effective metabolism and bowel movements, decreasing your stress and anxiety, eliminating your water retention, removing toxins from your body and cells, and stimulating your digestion.

Our goal at Light and Healthy is to provide you with the best quality Chinese Cupping services. We provide these cupping services to you on a one-to-one basis. This simply means that it is in a confidential, discreet surrounding. Moreover, our cupping practitioners use high-quality cups and material to provide a great cupping experience in a clean and hygienic surrounding so that you can be confident of the best service.

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