There’s no harm is shedding few pounds off your body, right? Being obese or overweight puts you at certain long term risks related to health. However, if you are able to manage your weight within a healthy range it can drastically reduce the risk of any severe lifelong health condition.  At Light and Healthy, we do understand the daily trauma an overweight or an obese person goes through. Therefore we bring you our ultimate unique weight loss formula that will give your life a new perspective.

There is no surgical procedure no diets, no stress, and no worries involve in this formula for losing weight. This unique formula includes, Chinese Natural Therapy, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Healthy Eating Plan, and Moderate exercise – for 5 consecutive days.

Throughout these days you will be going through 5 days of Chinese Natural Therapy, along with 2 hours body fat reduction, 2 hours of whole body sculpting, 2 hours of lymphatic drainage aliments, 30 days of the healthy mean plan. All this along with 5 wellness coaches guiding you for 5 months to keep your weight off.

Light and Healthy grantees you that you will be losing guaranteed 5kgs and 5cms around your waist. If you are ready to turn your life in the right direction, call us today at 0468 926 835 to book your slots.